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18.August.2015, 21:48
I noticed this post left on MPB July 3 2015 of course no one there or on any other US forums had anything to say. I found it a rather interesting post to receive zero replies. It must be way over the heads........

"Comparing to steel material, copper alloys boat propeller (http://www.portsino.com/category/products/ship-propeller/) own its advantages which are as follow:
1.With a low chemical reactivity and are not easy oxidation (especially nickel-copper alloy, which colloquially referred to white copper and it is unstainable for decades and as shining as before.)
2.Cupric ion belongs to heavy metal ion and with certain toxicological effect. In seawater, algae and Shell-fish can not survive, so it is easy to clear up.
3.With good machinability. In the same cutting condition, the surface accuracy which copper alloys can achieve is 2 lever higher than steel material, no*work hardening*is found, low loss to cutting tool and is easy to process. The surface accuracy always decides the noise amplitude.

4.The mobility of copper alloys liquid is good, with good affinity to cool gas, it has few foundry defect like slag inclusion, with no loosen, pyrocondensation, with air holes and undercasting. Moreover, it is easy to achieve the good mechanical*tissue and complicated shape."

~agrosinic from china MPB forum~

Any comments or additions from this forum where people actually think is welcomed

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